2020 Wedding Tuxedo Trends

In 2020, you can expect to see less of the traditional black and white wedding tuxedo, which has been the standard since the 1800s. Today’s grooms are looking for a suit that they can wear more than once and that expresses their own sense of style and individuality. This can be seen in everything from bold patterns and colors to jacket linings and lapel details. These are some of the biggest wedding tuxedo trends you can expect to see in 2020:

Clean, Tapered and Slim Fit

Grooms in 2020 will be wearing more tailored tuxedos with shorter jackets, tapered pants and a clean look. The baggy suits of the 1980s are long gone and men are looking for a better fit that creates a more customized look. Instead of trying to make men look bigger, these tuxedos are cut to show off slim silhouettes. 

You may also notice that the pants have gotten shorter. During the summer, this style is worn without socks, which shows a little ankle while fun and colorful socks add personality for winter weddings. 

More Color and Patterns

In recent years, the gray tuxedo has become a popular option, but even that has become a little boring compared to the plums, dark greens and jewel tones you can expect to see in 2020. Many men will also be opting for boldly patterned suits that feature chunky pinstripes and a mixture of textures. 

Custom Details

Modern grooms don’t want to simply pull a tuxedo off the rack. They are looking for personalized details that create a custom tuxedo to make their day even more special. From decorative jacket linings to button stitching that incorporates wedding colors, grooms are getting creative with their tuxedos

Contrasting Wedding Party

Traditionally, the groomsmen have worn tuxedos that match the groom. They may have added different colored lapel flowers, but for the most part, everyone was wearing the same tuxedo. For 2020, you will see a lot more variation among the wedding party. Groomsmen will be wearing tuxedos that complement that groom and play off of his tuxedo colors without being an exact match.

Looking forward to 2020, you can expect to see a lot more variation and customization in wedding tuxedos. Men are forgoing the traditional black and white tuxedo in favor of more personal expression. If you will be standing at the altar in 2020, take advantage of these trends and browse our tuxedo and suiting selection to find the perfect ensemble for your wedding day.