Hot Prom Tuxedo Trends of 2018

It’s tough to try to stand out from the crowd when it comes to tuxedos. It’s a hard balance between getting your look on point and getting people to point because of your look. We checked out the red carpet looks during award season and compiled the best looking, hottest trends of 2018. Keep reading to find out what’s in and what’s out.


We’ve heard there’s been a rise in popularity of camouflage Tuxedos. We don’t personally carry full patterned Tuxedos whether it’s camouflage or floral. But a great alternative to that is a pop of pattern. We’ve been seeing a lot of floral patterned lapels and matching belts. If you don’t want to do floral there’s always a classic plaid option as well as many others out there. The trick to this style is not overdoing it. A patterned tie with a belt to match, a simple patterned vest only, or patterned lapels and belt are fine. Don’t go overboard, there is such thing as too much styling!


Well, we’re not thinking Dumb and Dumber blue and orange or anything but something other than classic black is always a fun change.

Deep Burgundy or Dark Red

Inspired by so many red carpet tuxedos this award show season, a dark red makes you look polished but trendy. If you want to go a little more casual just put a plain black t-shirt underneath. If you want to make it fancier, add a black vest and tie and you’ll stand out in the best, polished way. Another great option is a red tuxedo jacket with the classic black pants! 

Light or Dark Grey

If we can be so bold, we think grey is the new black. Whether you go light or dark, grey is a slight but not aggressive shift away from the classic Tuxedo. It sends a message of modern classiness and look great with colorful accessories. Think dark grey tuxedo with a pop of red bowtie and pocket square. Or a light grey tuxedo with a deep purple vest and classic tie. There are so many playful options to choose from

Tan or Off-White

Tan, white, or off-white Tuxedos allow you to look sharp but relaxed. If your prom is in a coastal town you could even go for a super relaxed off-white linen. This option works best with neutral tone accessories instead of a drastic pop of color that the grey tuxedo could pull off. A tan tuxedo with darker tan tie or an off-white tuxedo with matching vest and no tie is a great way to go.

Classic Black 

Of course, black and white never goes out of style and every guy looks phenomenal in a classic black tuxedo so don’t count out the classic look!


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