How to Spice up Your Holiday Formal Gala

If you are hosting a holiday gala this season, making it a formal black-tie event can up the glamour factor and make all of your guests feel a little more special. Since galas are usually organized around fundraising and charity events, making it a formal event can help inspire donations and lead to a more successful night. Here are some tips for spicing up your holiday formal gala and making sure that your guests are prepared for the night:

Be Sure to Make the Clothing Code Clear in Your Invitations

Specify that the event is black tie. This will ensure that all your guests know that men are expected to wear tuxedos and women should come attired in long evening dresses. Be sure to set the tone on your invitations so that there is no confusion about expectations and no one arrives feeling underdressed.

Give Plenty of Notice

Not everyone has a tailored tuxedo hanging in their closet ready to go. By giving a least a month’s notice, your guests will have the chance to purchase or rent a tuxedo, make alterations, get it dry cleaned and find all the perfect accessories to complete their outfit. 

Make Sure Your Food and Decor Matches the Dress Code

You can’t throw a formal black tie gala and then serve beer from a keg and use paper napkins. Everything about the food, decor, venue and entertainment should match the formality of the occasion. If your guests are going to put the effort into wearing a tuxedo, then you should provide them with a sophisticated party. 

Finding the Right Tuxedo

For those who will be attending holiday galas that require a tuxedo, be sure to browse our selection for ideas and get great prices on modern-stylish and well-cut options that will help you look your best.