Formal menswear is the classic uniform for every black tie event. To avoid blending into a crowd of tuxedos, men have to make subtle style choices that make their look stand out. VIP Formal Wear helps men make those choices, from the fit of their tuxedo to the pattern on their bow tie.

Visit one of our fine locations to meet a VIP menswear specialist today—they will assist you in sizing, color choice, patterns, and more. Explore some of our great menswear below to start now!


Depending on the event you plan on attending, you should adjust how formal your menswear is. There are many options to consider in terms of fit (slim, modern, classic) and style (notched lapel, peaked lapel, shawl lapel). For the most formal events, black-and-white tuxedos are always a great choice. If you are shopping for a prom tux, coordinating your colors with your date’s outfit is popular. VIP can help you find the perfect tuxedo, in most colors, for your big event.


Men have the luxury of choosing a tie that matches their tuxedo and speaks to their personal style. At VIP Formal Wear, your options are multiplied. Interested in wearing a bow tie? Want the sharp look of a traditional neck tie? Explore our many varieties of men’s ties and choose the perfect accent to your tuxedo.


The quintessential formal attire isn’t complete without a vest. The three-piece suit is a favorite among those attending a prom, wedding, or other special event. With coordinating colors and patterns to match your tie, we have everything you need to add an extra bit of polish to your formal menswear.


Tuxedo pants fit differently than chinos, jeans, and even casual suit pants. If you haven’t recently been measured for a tuxedo, we encourage you to visit one of our stores today for a tuxedo pants fitting. Whether you choose traditional black or color-coordinated tuxedo pants, we will ensure that they fit as well as they should.


Wearing a tuxedo usually means opting for patent leather shoes. At VIP Formal Wear, we have a wide variety of patent leather oxfords, derby toes, and loafers. No matter your style, we have the perfect shoe to complement your tuxedo.

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