Tuxedo Ideas for Your New Year’s Holiday Party

A stylish and well-cut tuxedo is the perfect way to make sure you are feeling handsome and confident as you cap off a year and look forward to new beginnings. When it comes to choosing the right tuxedo for New Year’s, it all comes down to the details. You want the right combination and colors and flourishes that showcase your personal style and create a polished look. Here are few tuxedo ideas to help inspire your New Year’s look:

Choose the Right Lapel   

When it comes to formal wear, both the peak lapel and the shawl lapel make excellent options. The high and dramatic cut of the peak lapel tends to be more slimming and adds a level of sophistication to any jacket. If you are looking for a cleaner, more modern look, the shawl lapel may be the better choice. This style is also great for contrasting colors between the lapel and the jacket.  

Contrast Colors Correctly

You can’t go wrong with the classic black and white combo. This is a tried and true style looks sharp on anyone. A monochromatic look is another classy option that will help you stand out. 

If you do want to add color, be sure to avoid bright and vibrant colors. You want to stick to dark, rich colors that are perfect for the evening. Adding too many touches of colors can make you look like you are heading to the school dance rather than a New Year’s party.

Don’t Forget the Suspenders

In most cases, you are going to want to forget the belt and go for suspenders instead. Tuxedo pants are designed to be worn without a belt and the right suspenders can complement your suit. If you are adding a waistcoat to your outfit, be sure to wear the suspenders underneath. 

Don’t Shy Away from a Bold Jacket

Instead of experimenting with contrasting colors, why not go with a bold jacket? If you keep the rest of the suit simple, it is easy to pull of patterns, reds and purples and even textures like velvet. You can add interest without overwhelming the entire look. 

Go for the Classic Shoe

This is another area where people tend to go a little over the top. While you can have fun with your shoes, anything too showy or ornate can actually take away from your tuxedo. The focus should be on your suit and not your shoes.

With that in mind, either shiny patent leather or a more matted finish will work. Just keep it simple and make sure your shoes are clean and polished for the big night. 

A New Year’s party is the perfect opportunity to strut your stuff in a beautiful and sophisticated tuxedo. Draw on these suggestions and check out our tuxedo packages for more ideas that will help you find the perfect look.