What is the Difference between a Tuxedo and Suit?

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Men, there are two choices for attire when it comes to events. You can either wear a tuxedo or a suit. Are they one in the same? No. There are subtle difference between the two ensembles.

How to Style a Tuxedo and a Suit


Tuxedo: Tuxedos have satin details that add a touch of class and sophistication. You can usually find a satin lapel, satin buttons and a satin stripe detail on the pant legs.

Suit: A suit does not have any outstanding details on the design. The same fabric is used for the whole ensemble where as the tuxedo is a mixture of satin and wool, polyester, or rayon. The buttons are usually plastic.

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Tuxedo: A tuxedo is accompanied with an array of accessories. Classic tuxedos come with a cummerbund, waistcoat, suspenders and a bow tie. More modern tuxedos include a vest and a long tie.

Suit: Suits tend to be more versatile as they can be dressed up or down. If you would like to achieve a more formal look, you can wear a vest, bow tie and pocket square with your suit. If you are going for a more casual look, leave the vest and opt for a long tie.

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Tuxedo: You will always pair a crisp white shirt with a tuxedo. Your tuxedo button shirt can have either a wing collar or turn down collar.

Suit: There are no rules when it comes to what shirt you can wear with a suit. Most men opt for a traditional white or light blue color, however, you can have fun mixing different colors and patterns to show your personal style.

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Tuxedo: A classic tuxedo is traditionally paired with a black patent oxford shoe. On the other hand, modern tuxedos can also be paired with a trendy velvet slipper or a stylish Venetian loafer.

Suit: There are no rules when it comes to which shoes can be worn with a suit. You can show your personal style by which shoes you select. Suits can be paired with oxfords, loafers, boots or even sneakers for a super laid-back look.

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Tuxedo: In general, tuxedos are reserved for formal affairs. Events that require black-tie attire are usually charity balls, galas or formal weddings.

Suit: Suits are acceptable at day-time events or less proper celebrations. Suits are acceptable at business meetings, dates or weddings. If the invitation states cocktail attire, opt for the suit.

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